Home bleaching

With the PAP+ whitening formula, your home whitening reaches a new dimension. Unlike conventional teeth whitening products, the PAP+ formulation penetrates deep into your enamel and removes discoloration down to the dentin layer of your teeth. With the new kit, you can achieve teeth that are at least 2 shades lighter.

Color corrector

Neutralize your tooth color. For a whiter, brighter smile


Eliminate tooth discoloration and bring out maximum whiteness with the new 2597C with Color Correcting Technology. The deep purple dye evens out yellow stains in your teeth and neutralizes your tooth color from the very first application.

Dental health

We are revolutionizing your dental care routine with the new iX sonic toothbrush. Developed according to the latest research, the toothbrush strengthens your enamel, protects your gums and whitens your teeth in combination with our Whitening toothpaste in just 7 days. A real power duo - your teeth will love it!

Gentle tooth whitening

Our brand new PAP+ whitening toothpaste revolutionizes your tooth brushing experience, because it not only makes your teeth clean, but also radiantly white! The innovative PAP+ formula gently and reliably whitens your teeth without roughening your enamel or causing damage to the tooth necks.